1.Operating System Window 10 64 bit

2.Browser Google Chrome (

3.Visual Studio Code(

Quick Introduction to Visual Studio Code

4.Node Js(


  • Before installing the typescript install the node js(follow the step 4)
  • Open the command prompt and type the below command
  • The command to install typescript is  npm -g install typescript

  • After installation you will get screen output like this,

6.Angular Cli

(npm install -g @angular/cli)


Minimum requirement

  1. RAM- 8Gb
  2. Hard disk requirement 500Gb.
  3. Processor Intel i5 and above.

Angular setup steps:


  • The visual code will open.

Step 2:-

  • Install Angular CLI using the below command:
    npm install -g @angular/cli

  • This will install the ng command globally on your system.
  • Generate a new project and default app by running the following command:
  • Create a directory angular_training in drive

Mount to that directory

  • Type a command ng new mobileCart

  • Press ‘Y’ denoting that you want routing in application

  • Select ‘css’ as a stylesheet for an application

    • This creates a new directory with all files you need to get started.
    • If your installation failed read troubleshooting.


    • Check your internet connection is stable or not.
    • Always try to run command prompt as a administrator  .
    • Always install angular cli globally.
    • create the app in the d or e drive if possible, else you can do it in the c drive
      • but dont do it in the c:\users or c:\users\<user1>
    • if still problem persist un install nodejs and restart the system and install nodejs and try again
    • if app creation failed in folderX dont try again in the same folderX
  • Serve the application:
  • cd mobileCart

  • You can now navigate to the new directory: 
  • Now type ng serve –open

  • Then start the Angular CLI development server: